behind the mask

just a dude

looks like you're trying to get to know more about the guy behind the name 'nebdaar'. best option would be to meet me online and chat about life or whatever. but well, now you're reading this and so i'm going to present a few bits and pieces here. if you're brave enough, you may click on the thumbnail picture to see my ugly mug.

click to see a larger picture of me


i like to create websites - surprised? i use only microsoft's notepad to edit the site code, mostly because i like to know what's doing what. i use more or less HTML, CSS, Frames and JavaScript to build them. i created and manage both the sites of Team XF and as well as a few of my private sites.

i like to ride my dirt bike every once in a while. click the thumbnail picture to take a more detailed look at it. it's a Yamaha XT 600 N, made in 1984. and yeah, i own it since then.

click to see a larger picture of my dirt bike

i like to take photos of various different topics and locations. so for instance, i took photos of many major US and European cities. i took lots of nature and landscape photos as well. i also like to take action shots of people doing sports or of playing children. click the thumbnail picture to take a look at only a few of them.

click to see a few of my photos

i like to work on grafix. i use various programs, but mainly concentrate on Adobe Photoshop. check a few of my latest desktop picture creations by clicking on the thumbnail.

click to see a few desktop pix i made

i like to compose music. i own a few keyboards and synthesizers, but mainly i just compose the tunes they should play using Cubase VST on a PC or Cubase 2.0 on an old Atari Mega ST. i also use various other programs to alter or create songs such as Sound Forge 4.0 and ReBirth RB-338 2.0. i composed over 300 songs so far. my styles vary between smooth 'easy listening' and heavy 'drum'n'bass'. click the following links to download 3 of my songs:

made in 1996, 6:01 mins, MP3, 4 megs, input: Cubase 2.0, output: Yamaha keyboard PSR-500 and Yamaha synthesizer SY35

smell fresh air
made in 2000, 2:48 mins, MP3, 2.9 megs, input: Cubase VST, output: sound card Sound Blaster Live

time for a change
made in 2002, 4:02 mins, MP3, 3.7 megs, input and output: software synthesizer ReBirth RB-338 2.0

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