i've created a few tracks for different event types of mcm2. you can find all of them on this page - just click a cover picture to download the track.

stunt tag tracks

i love to play stunt tag games in mcm2. the ability of creating my own worlds for this event type even tops the fun of the game play itself. i tried my best to step aside from the mainstream, but please - find out for yourself.

click to download my quarry 'Beast'

this is strange looking track with huge hills and all kinds of weird shapes. it was meant to look like grown there, like a weird alien plant or something like that. the hill complex is surrounded by a thin ocean (no jumps out there, seriously). terrain out of leveller, tex and sky rendered in terragen with final touch ups using photoshop.

click to download my quarry 'done?'

it took just about 6 hours to create this little stunt tag arena. it's certainly not meant to get too speedy due to its tight layout. nonetheless it provides tricky bumps and hills to stunt into all directions possible. pretty challenging with inbuilt garanty for lots of tags.

click to download my quarry 'splat'

this is for some reason my most popular stunt tag track. it contains mainly huge convex and concave round shaped formations which cut into each other. the textures look pretty natural, the terrain itself though is rather unnatural. nonetheless its possibilities for nice air are almost countless.

click to download my quarry 'tagouraret'

my first stunt tag track. i still think it's one of the best i made in this category. it got pretty unique: the center looks somehow like a complex of alien buildings situated somewhere out there in a neverending natural looking sand dune desert. be asured, there's nice air time whereever you ride.

click to download my quarry 'tagouraret arena'

an arena conversion of 'tagouraret'. downsized, tricky and dense. hiding in the sand dunes is limited by the stadium in order for the action to concentrate right in the middle of everything.

click to download my quarry 'tic tag toe'

this track has a uniquely shaped 'negative' terrain, so to speak, it's mainly all below the surface instead of above. consisting of just 9 holes in the ground, this track was made after a tic-tac-toe board. huge air for up to 5x stunts is possible with kind of easy landing possibilities, just you need to find out how first.

click to download my quarry 'Watch Out Titanic'

i made this stunt tag arena especially for the 'AGV unknown arenas tourney'. the terrain is based on one quarter of a map which was mirrored horizontally and/or vertically to be placed in all 4 corners. the map was then worked on a lot to give each corner a similar but unique shape.

national tracks

playing mostly stunt tag games, my love of creating tracks will always remain with the nationals. as lines are most important on national tracks, i tried every method there is to play with them. this became somehow an intensive game with myself from track to track creation. i always asked myself, 'how am i able to extend the possibilities of a given spline EVEN MORE?' please read about details in the descriptions and of course, find out for yourself.

click to download my national 'drop in'

my latest national so far. it contains a breathtaking drop, a few big jumps and some short cuts. of course, you'll find lot's of lines around the whole track as well. the textures got pretty neat too in my opinion. fun to just race around and challenging if you go for the shorter lap times.

click to download my national 'heyday'

my track at a 'dirttimes track contest'. my concept was to include a steep hillclimb hill into a national track. i guess it worked out just fine. a few short cuts are spread along the path. my first and yet only attempt to include quite a lot of custom objects. terrain, textures and custom sky as natural as i can do.

click to download my national 'horseshoe cliff'

lines, lines, lines whereever you look. the track is small, almost tight, but allows fun racing. i guess it was the first more popular national i made. i included one major spline cut. go check if you can find it. the track got natural textures and for my first time manually placed trees.

click to download my national 'man in the moon'

my first track being released ever. besides one custom object and the custom sky cube, i started to play with the spline abilities. it got 'natural' looking moon terrain and textures at least as far as i'm concerned - my flight there was canceled, so i couldn't check it first hand.

click to download my national 'slippery slope'

this was my 'back to the roots of motocross' track. after i generated a natural terrain i included the track path using only minimalistic changes to the given landscape. it's challenging and comes with very natural look and feel. your monitor brightness may need to be pushed up a bit if you go for a ride on this one.

click to download my national 'the hogs back pain'

please read twice: standard lap time around 1 minute - cutting lap time around 30 seconds. the developement of this track went over a period of 4 month. it contains 4 major shortcuts which are all hidden inside the spline. you'll have to search for them in order to speed things up. natural terrain and textures as well as manually placed trees.

click to download my national 'wicked maze'

this is the second national i made. the concept was to place 3 different tracks within one spline. although it didn't get perfect, it worked out that way. its terrain and textures look pretty natural. if you get lost in the maze, please check for the included sign close to the lake coast to tell you which track runs where.

baja tracks

somehow i got in love with baja races. they seem to provide the free choice of line as in stunt tag games as well as a certain path to follow as in national races. i couldn't resist to try a few tracks for this event type.

click to download my baja 'isla de bioco'

this is the only 'stand alone' baja i made, cause it wasn't meant as a stunt tag track first hand. nonetheless people like to stunt on it as well. it contains my best natural terrain and textures so far (just my opinion, please check for yourself). 4 races included with wide gaps between the gates. go chose your own line, you'll find tons of them in here.

click to download my baja 'splat baja'

a conversion of my stunt tag track 'splat'. 5 races with gate placements for every level of riding skill. puts the original stunt tag track into a whole new light. you'll find a smooth and uniquely shaped terrain together with major air time. especially challenging when up at top speed.

click to download my baja 'tagouraret baja'

a resized conversion of my stunt tag track 'tagouraret'. 3 short races spread over the center and its sand dune border. pretty challenging at spots mainly because of the uniquely shaped terrain. extra precise steering could be to your advantage here.

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